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HY facts of AIDS

MC{mostcommon) presentation. Pneumonia.
MC occupying lesion in cns.Toxoplasmosis.
Mc 2nd presentation ,diahreaa.
MC 2nd mass lesion in cns .lymphoma.
MC retinitis.CMVretinitis.
MCC of meningitis..cryptococcal
MCC of non ulcerating esophagitis..Candida
MCC of Pneumonia...Streptococcus not PCP.
MCC of pancreatitis....Chmecally induce..ddt.
Mcc of Diarrea ...Crptospordium.
MCC of Malignany....Kaposi sarcoma.
Mcc death....Wasting syndrome.
Most commonly used confirmatory test...Westren blot.
Most rapidly growing source of new aids cass....Heterosexual

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