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TaiwanWalker USMLE step by step: MATCH Pre-Interview Dinner

1. DO NOT TIP, first of all you don't need to spend any more money ,second of all the resident who is paying usually carries the deparment's credit card and there is usually a protocol of 15% which department allows for tip. SO ITS NEVER PAID BY RESIDENTS at least in all the good programs.

2.DO NOT SHOW UP WITH A SUIT AND A TIE, it will make alot of others look bad and trust me when as a resident you get an invitation for these lunches/dinners formality is the last thing on their minds, they are tired and hungry :))))


4. DO NOT EXPECT RESIDENTS TO BE LOYAL TO YOU, so keep it nice and safe by not trying to get inside scoop about the program infront of everybody.

5. TRY AND LAUGH WITH RESIDENTS only if you get the joke otherwise don't be afraid to ask what are they laughing about.

6. EATING TOO MUCH IS NOT A PROBLEM but yes keep this in mind that this certainly will leave an impression on residents and there are still interviews left for the afternoon in which you don't wanna be sleepy and groggy because of all the food you ate.

7. NO ALCOHOL, its not a matter of choice to me. NOBODY DRINKS AT WORK even if they drink their ass off at their own time.

8. Always take names and emails of the residents, so you can thank them individually later on. Everybody appreciates that.

9. The reason residents are there is that free food but also to get to know the future residents who they would be working with in the years to come. Every resident fills out an evaluation form later on and in which they rate you on everything including knowledge, communication skills, social skills and few other things. It doesn't hurt anybody if there is no comment on medical knowledge column but please do not shoot yourself in your rear end by saying something which is clearly idiotic.At last, be yourself or if you pretend then be very good at pretending. I hope this would be helpful to you all.

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