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Assessment of overseas medical qualifications in Australia

Read the general information on Assessment of overseas medical qualifications in Australia before reading this.
Eligibility to sit the AMC Examination
To be eligible to sit the AMC examination you must:
Have been awarded a primary degree in medicine and surgery awarded, following an approved course of study, by a medical school listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO) publication World Directory of Medical Schools, the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), or other publications approved by the Council. (Degrees in traditional Chinese medicine and the Degree of Doctor of Osteopathy (awarded in the USA) are not recognised in Australia);
The Australian Medical Council does not require candidates to have permanent resident status or hold Australian or New Zealand Citizenship in order to apply for, sit and complete the AMC examinations. Further details.
Components of the AMC Examination
The AMC examination consists of:
  • a multiple-choice-question (MCQ) examination; and
  • a clinical examination.
A candidate must pass the MCQ examination before proceeding to the clinical examination. There is no time or attempt limit on the examination. The AMC may review the performance of any candidate who has not passed the examination after five years and repeated attempts, and provide feedback on his or her performance and their probability of passing the examination.
Detailed information on the format of the MCQ and clinical examinations are provided in the AMC publication Examination Specifications Booklet. The AMC sends a copy of this publication to each candidate after it has processed the preliminary application form and fee. Copies can also be obtained directly from the AMC Secretariat. For a summary of the structure of the MCQ examination, click here.
The AMC publication Annotated Multiple Choice Questions is a selection of 600 MCQ Questions from the AMC MCQ Question Bank with commentaries and explanations on each question. The AMC has used these questions in previous MCQ examinations. The questions provide a comprehensive guide to the format, scope and standard of the AMC MCQ examination. The book is distributed by Blackwell Publishing Asia. The order form can be found here.
The AMC publication Anthology of Medical Conditions has been produced not only to assist overseas trained doctors to prepare for the AMC examinations but also as an essential tool for clinical practice. The publication lists over 130 Clinical Presentations of clinical conditions and classifies them to assist in a problem-solving approach to diagnosis and management. It is essential for all doctors to be familiar with the laws of the society in which they practise medicine and the ethics that underpin medical practice. It is also important to understand the organisational aspects of medicine in the Australian context. The Anthology of Medical Conditions contains a separate section dealing with these important issues, entitled Legal, Ethical and Organisational Aspects of the Practice of Medicine (LEO). The publication is enhanced throughout with medical illustrations. The publication is recommended for use in preparing for the AMC multiple choice question (MCQ) and clinical examinations. To order the Anthology of Medical Conditions, click here.
Application procedures for the AMC Examination
  1. Complete and return the Preliminary Application Form along with payment.
  2. The AMC will send you a copy of the Information Booklet For Candidates and the necessary application forms.
  3. Complete the forms, using the instructions provided and return them to the AMC along with payment.
  4. If you intend to sit for the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination and have not yet been assessed as eligible, the AMC office must receive your documentation [Form A and relevant assessment documents] by the specified closing date for new assessments for the examination series
  5. New candidates must be assessed as eligible to undertake the AMC examination process prior to being scheduled to sit the AMC MCQ examination.
The AMC reserves the right to verify the authenticity of formal qualifications directly with the awarding institution or through recognised international agencies, such as the International Credentials Services of the United States Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (EICS).
  • AMC Examination fees are GST free.
  • Include the assessment fee when returning the Preliminary Application Form.
  • If your medical qualifications are not currently recognised in Australia, it is in your own interest not to leave your country of origin before your eligibility to sit the AMC examination has been confirmed, or your specialist qualifications have been assessed.
  • Documentation of your qualifications is not required with the preliminary application form. You will be advised when documentation is to be forwarded to the AMC.
  • The preliminary application fee is non-refundable and does not constitute an application to sit the AMC MCQ examination.
Click Here to complete the steps in the Application Process.

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