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The most comprehensive study material for step 2

The Most Comprehensive Study Material for USMLE step 2 including CK and CS.

DVD package. Please note before reading/buying: NO Hardcopy Books are included in the package. All books are in pdf format which are printable.

USMLE STEP 2 CK : Everything you need to score 99% in Step 2 CK.

COMPLETE SET WITH NOTES (2006 edition with yellow cover) in pdf format.
99% of the content is very similar to the latest edition.
Books come without underlines, markings or highlights.

• Internal medicine 347 pages
• Obstetrics & Gynecology 174 pages
• Pediatrics 250 pages
• Psychiatry, Epidemiology & Ethics 188 pages
• Surgery 194 pages
• Q-Book with around 850 USMLE style questions

1.Internal Medicine
Neurology (7 lectures, 330 minutes)
Endocrinology (4 lectures, 233 minutes)
Cardiology (6 lectures, 423 minutes)
Hematology/Oncology (3 lectures, 277 minutes)
Infectious Diseases (4 lectures, 389 minutes)
Pulmonary (4 lectures, 271 minutes)
Gastroenterology (4 lectures, 390 minutes)
Rheumatology (2 lectures, 215 minutes)
Emergency Medicine (4 lectures, 358 minutes)
Nephrology (3 lectures, 233 minutes)
2.Dermatology (1 lecture, 79 minutes)
3.Psychiatry (13 lectures, 966 minutes)
4.Surgery (18 lectures, 1251 minutes)
5.Gynecology (15 lectures, 720 minutes)
6.Obstetrics (9 lectures, 801 minutes)
7.Epidemiology (3 lectures, 217 minutes)
8.Biostatistics (1 lecture, 105 minutes)
9.Ethics (1 lecture, 107 minutes)
10.Preventative Medicine (1 lecture, 60 minutes)
11.Pediatrics (12 lectures, 1185 minutes)
TOTAL: 115 lectures, 8620 minutes (144 hours)of High Quality Videos.

STEP 2 VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Extremely High yield material.

Kaplan Video lectures with very High Yield Topics by respective lecturers. Extremely useful when you do not have luxury of time to go thru entire lecture series.
Each Subject is also accompanied by lecture notes in pdf.
•Gynecology: 158 Minutes
•Medicine Part 1: Over 278 Minutes
•Medicine Part 2: Over 364 Minutes
•Obstetrics: Over 158 Minutes
•Pediatrics: Over 158 Minutes
•Psychiatrics: 156 Minutes
•Surgery: 168 Minutes

Q Banks You get thousands of sample board questions with detailed explanation of each options. It is very important that you go through the explanation of wrong choices as well. It is important to understand why this particular choice is wrong.
Includes two Very famous Question Banks:
USMLEWORLD Qbank (2005-2006)

Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: 2008 edition in pdf format

Harrison’s Internal Medicine Book: in pdf format

KPLN Assessment Exams: In pdf format
•Internal Medicine
•Obstetrics & Gynecology
•Epidemiology & Ethics

Four First Aids in pdf format
•USMLE Step 2 CK
•Obstetrics & Gynecology
•Emergency Medicine

Step 2 - Appleton & Lange (A&L): simulates exam environment through different timed blocks for step 2 usmle. It has 15 blocks with answers, explanations, discussions and references. Also helps you identifying your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas.

Step 2 - Mock Exam: This is a Mock Boards intended to give you a realistic idea of the types of questions you can expect to see on the USMLE Step 2 boards exam.

Simulation Boards for Step 2

Step 2 Secrets: by Dr. Adam Brochert featuring "tips" and "secrets" based on his own experience and research on USMLE Step 2

•Internal Medicine

Step 2 – PreTests in pdf Format
•Pretest Chest Radiology 327 pages
•Pretest Clinical Vignettes 319 pages
•Pretest Emergency Medicine 225 pages
•Pretest OBGYN 272 pages
•Pretest Neurology 303 pages
•Pretest Physical Diagnosis 344 pages
•Pretest Preventive Medicine 249 pages
•Pretest Surgery 337 pages
•Pretest Psychiatry 264 pages

Step 2 Web Prep Notes from review course. This is a great study aid with corresponding cases for the different lessons.

USMLE part 2 Clinical Review: (Contains Child Psychiatry, Gynecology highlights, Internal Medicine 1 & 2, Obstetric highlights, Pediatric highlights, and Surgery)

ECGs: in pdf format
•The ECG in practice: Fourth Edition
•The ECG made easy : Sixth Edition
•150 ECG problems by Jonh R. Hampton: Second edition
•ECG Notes by Shirley A. Jones

Goljan audio lectures for USMLE step 2, in mp3 format. Can be used even while going to school/college or driving.

1. Acid-Base and Electrolytes
2. Biostatistics
3. Cardiology
4. Dermatology
5. Diabetes Mellitus
6. Ear, Nose, and Throat
7. Endocrinology
8. Gastroenterology
9. Genetics
10. Hematology
11. Immunology
12. Infectious Diseases
13. Laboratory Medicine
14. Nephrology
15. Neurology
16. Ophthalmology
17. Pulmonology
18. Urology
19. Vitamins and Minerals
20. General Surgery

NBME forms 1-3 (No form 4): Great assessment exams to determine your preparation for step 2 CK. Form 1 and 2 are in MS word format while Form 3 is in jpg format.

12 supplementary e-Books:

•Critical Care Medicine
•Gynecology and Obstetrics
•Internal Medicine
•Textbook of Skin disease
•Family Medicine
•History and Physical Examination
•Outpatient Medicine
•Physician’s Drug Resource
•Treatment Guidelines

Step 2 CS Material:

First Aid for USMLE Step 2 CS in pdf format. You can print and make a hard copy.

KAPLAN CSA 5 Day Course Audio Lectures in mp3 format.

•65 High Yield UW USMLE Step 2 CS cases
•30 Physical Examination Videos from UW covering everything on physical Examination.

Following material I consider as supplementary because I believe that First Aid with USMLEWORLD is the best combination and enough material to pass Step 2 CS. This is my own experience.
•OSCE Videos.
•CSA Video Clips explaining examination, history notes, lab orders, and differential diagnosis.
•Physical Diagnosis Videos
•Video on Clinical Skills in Emergency Medicine
•CCS Clinical Manual.
•History and Physical Examination in pdf
•Tips for obtaining complete Patient history.
•Tips on performing Physical Examination
•Complete videos from University of Illinois, University of Washington, University of Virginia and University of Connecticut, UNC.
•NYU Step2 CS presentation.
•Physical Examination Hand book
•Treatment Guidelines Book
•Common Abbreviations for Patient Histories.
•Current Clinical Strategies History and PE Book.

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