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Application for assessment as an Area of Need Specialist

With effect from 1 June 2002, new arrangements have been introduced for the fast-track processing of applications from overseas trained specialists, whose primary medical qualifications are not recognised in Australia, for assessment for Area of Need specialist positions.

While the documentation requirements and arrangements for processing Area of Need applications are broadly similar to those for the processing of applications through the standard AMC/Specialist Medical College pathway for overseas trained specialists, there are some differences that arise because of the need to accommodate accelerated processing of Area of Need applications by the AMC and the assessing College, in parallel. Applicants should note carefully the requirements and the steps involved in the process.

Before an application can be processed under the assessment procedures for Area of Need specialists, the applicant must have been selected by an employer as suitable for consideration for appointment to a designated Area of Need specialist position. Details of the position must be provided on the Attachment to Application for Assessment as Area of Need Specialist Form at the time the employer lodges the required documentation on behalf of the applicant.

Full details of the arrangements are set out in the User's Guide - Assessment Process for Area of Need Specialists.

The Guide (pages ii and iii) provides a flow chart which is a diagrammatic representation of the steps involved in the process. Included in the Guide are suggestions to facilitate the timely processing of applications.

The Guide outlines the documentation requirements and explains the steps involved in the assessment process. It also gives contact details for each of the bodies involved in the assessment and registration process.

Application forms for assessment as an Area of Need specialist are available on request to the AMC, or can be printed directly from here.

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