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The contents on USMLE are taken from various sources. It is clear and we admit that we have copied them from various places and various websites.

Everything on this website which seems to be copied own their own copyrights and we don't claim to have taken their copyrights. We have copied because they were meant to be copied by the public in general. We have not reproduced the contents or modified them in our or any other way.

We are not to be held responsible if anyone takes the contents from this website and violates the rules and regulations of the net world.

Much of the content was given to us by our friends through e-mail. Many we received through circulation of forward mails. And few we ourselves have copied from hundreds of websites on the net. We have made a collection of our own and now they are here, all in one place.

It is practically impossible to remember the names of the websites from where the contents have been copied.

This website does not intend to hurt the sentiment of others or disrespect anyone in any way. Neither does it arouse any cultural or caste issues.

You may copy as much content possible but we take no responsibility for whatever you do. You may share, print and do whatever you like. From our side there is no stopping.

Access to the blog does not set any cookies and does not even drop viruses. Contents are not uploaded by the owner . We don't host any of the files anywhere. We are just finding and linking. Thats it!

We reserve the right to revise, change or modify this Privacy Policy Statement from time to time at our sole discretion by updating this Privacy Policy Statement, posting or by inserting notices located on particular pages at this blog to that effect. Please remember to visit this page from time to time to review any amendments to the above Privacy Policy Statement and their effect on your use of this blog. Your continued use of this blog implies your acceptance to such amendments.

For any queries please feel free to contact us through email.

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